Sunday, December 30, 2007

Too much junk, oh my..., that is. We have too much good chocolate at our house, and I haven't been doing a very good job at not eating it. I keep thinking I'm going to do better, but I'm very afraid I'm not going to start doing better until it's all gone. And here I was doing so well with eating and weight gain this pregnancy. Boohoo. Speaking of pregnancy, I can definitely tell I've entered the last trimester. I'm feeling all kinds of aches, and it's getting harder for me to move around. Maybe I'm just getting old, I don't know. I don't remember getting uncomfortable quite this early with my other pregnancies. I'm also feeling more Braxton Hicks contractions, and it's just kind of annoying to try and do things when your belly feels all tight. Oh, did I mention feet in my ribs? I do actually love feeling the little babe moving around. Sometimes, I find myself getting impatient, and then I try to remind myself that this is likely our last baby, and I should enjoy this pregnancy instead of wishing it to be over with. I am really looking forward to birthing this baby, and breastfeeding, and changing teeny diapers, and the newborn "baby moon". Which lasts until about 3 weeks, and then the exhaustion is going to settle in. :p I'm looking at 2008 so quickly approaching, and I can't help but feel overwhelmed with all the change that is going to happen. A new baby, a new job for Dave, a move to who-knows-where. New everything. It's exciting, yet at the same time scary. I find that the older I get, the less adventurous I feel. I'd like to just go settle down somewhere. Ten years ago, moving across the ocean, to a new continent, sounded all exciting and fun. Let's just say I'm glad I did it back then, cause I never would now (unless for some reason I absolutely had to). Sometimes I think about what I've done, and I can't help but feel there was some degree of insanity involved. :p Then again, I look at all the things I've learned in the last 10 years, all the experiences that have helped me mature (right?), and my beautiful little family, and I can't help but think it's all been worth it. As much as I get homesick sometimes, and wish I could be back "home", I'm also coming to realize that I am, indeed, growing up. I'm turning into one of those people who have to be responsible. I'm the one creating memories now, for my own children. And location really doesn't matter. What matters is our little family, the love we have for each other. And the friends we've made. Friends who have enriched our lives, and helped us grow. Thanks to all of you who have, at various times in our lives, made a difference. Thanks to all of you who can accept me with all my little quirks, and still love me. I love you, too. :o)


3in3mom said...

Awww, I sure love you Doreen. You are a dear friend to me. I am excited to hear of all your changes! Thanks for being my friend for these 8 years! Can you believe it?!! Wow! I am sure glad you came to America--and I sure think you have a darling family! Can't wait little girl W. soon!

Love you, Chalice

3in3mom said...

Man, can you tell it's early--I meant can't wait to meet :)


miranda said...

You are the sweetest :0)

If it makes you feel better, I've gained a bit of weight this holiday season from the good eats. Now it's time to start working it off...*sigh*