Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Multi-level marketing

Warning, random post, thoughts may not be organized. :p Okay, so I have to say I've never been exposed to as much multi-level marketing as I have living here. It's party city! No kidding... Now, I know some people have very strong feelings about, you know, those types of companies. And I have to say that, after learning more about all different types of ventures I could pursue, some are better (or worse) than others. Of course, having been invited to many parties myself, I have "fallen victim" to some of these companies. And I have to say that, overall, I've been very pleased. Yes, imagine that. There are a few exceptions, of course, where I feel products are just way overpriced without the benefits of the superior quality they claim, but there are others I have absolutely loved. Like the scrapbooking stuff my friend Karatemommy sells. It's awesome! Or the books I sell myself. :p My latest favorite? Melaleuca. Seriously. I love their stuff! I had wanted to try it out for a long time (read about it online), and then we had someone move into the neighborhood who sells it. Before you knew it, she was over at my house telling me all about how great their products are. I decided to try it, and boy, am I glad I did. Their cleaning products are awesome, to say the least. My bathtub has never been as clean as it is now. Really. And trust me, we had tried products ranging from right out toxic to completely natural home remedies, nothing ever really worked. So I decided to give the Melaleuca tub&tile cleaner a shot. Wow, is all I can say. CLEAN tub without any toxic smells or anything. I mean, I'm pregnant and all, so I'm very careful about what I use, especially in not-so-well-ventilated bathrooms. Want some pictures? Why not, I'm sure you all have always wanted to see my bathtub. Let's just say the hard water stains were bad bad bad, now they're gone. :o)

before (okay, so really it was in the middle of cleaning, when I realized just how clean this tub was going to get and thought I should document it)


Impressive, huh? Anyway, I suppose I should say I understand the reservations some people have about multi-level marketing, but sometimes what you get isn't so bad. :p


Hanna said...

I've always wanted to try their products too. I'm not too scared of most multi-level marketers, as long as they're content to just let me buy occasionally and don't pressure me to sign up. I'm a Mary Kay lady myself, but I wasn't pressured into it. . .I actually had to hunt down and FIND someone to let me sign up under them. LOL.

Doreen said...

My SIL does MK, but she doesn't do parties. She just puts in orders every so often and lets everyone take advantage of the wholesale price. :p The Melaleuca stuff actually is a monthly committment, unless you pay full price for their stuff. I signed up for a monthly plan to get the discounts, and it's actually working out fine. I now just buy my vitamins and cleaning products through them instead of at the store, so I'm still spending about the same amount of money, just at a different place. :p

Kelley said...

I am all for MLM. I love how it works. I love the products, and the opportunities for personal growth, and the possibilities for financial growth. I have my own USANA business, but I'm taking some time off right to focus on my kids, homeschooling, and this pregnancy. There are some lemons out there, but all in all the industry is a good one.

Ardis said...

hmmmmm, now you got me wanting to talk that neighbor into letting me sample some of that stuff because our tub still looks horrible after putting A LOT of elbow grease (on top of cleaner) into it..your tub looks GREAT! What other cleansers are you using? do they have a multi-purpose?