Tuesday, December 18, 2007

26 weeks

Tomorrow. My midwife came over for another prenatal visit today. It's so nice to have such personalized care. The baby seems to be doing great, which is always nice to hear. Growing just like she should, good heartrate, and I know she's been moving around lots. She's actually getting so big now that we're able to distinguish body parts from the outside. Poor kid keeps getting poked and prodded, hehe. We also got all the paperwork done today. My next appointment is in 3 weeks, and then we're already moving on to every other week. This pregnancy is going by so fast! It still seems like yesterday that I got that positive test, and now I just have 14 weeks left. I should say the kids enjoyed the visit today, as well. They were very fascinated by hearing the heartbeat, and thought it was cool that they could feel the baby through my tummy (the midwife showed them how). The boys are definitely excited to be getting a new little sister. I don't know how much Kaylee understands what's happening, but she seems to be realizing that something is going on. Of course, she also thinks SHE has a baby in her tummy, sooo.... :p

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miranda said...

Yay! Gavin is very interested in babies right now, since my sister just had one, and my sister in law is pregnant.

Congrats on a so-far healthy pregnancy and baby!