Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Remember that post...

...about the overscheduled parent I wrote a while back? Well, that was me today.

7:30 - get up (hey, at least I got a good night's rest), get Kaylee her breakfast, get Tyler's lunch ready, send Tyler off to school, get Bryan's breakfast
8:00 - have a short computer break
8:30 - eat breakfast
9:00 - take a shower and get ready for the day, help Kaylee and Bryan get dressed
10:00 - start cleaning the living room, vacuuming, cleaning the desk, clean the bathroom sinks and toilet
11:00 - take a short computer break, go make "green drink"
11:45 - midwife comes over for a visit, I pee on a stick, get my belly measured, and my blood pressure taken, then we chat
12:45 - midwife leaves, I give the kids a quick bite to eat and have some "green drink" myself
1:05 - time to go to voice lessons
2:20 - get back from voice lessons, help kids get on their snowsuits so they can go outside and play in the snow (did I mention we had the first real snow today, a couple of inches)
3:20 - kids come inside, I help them take off their snowsuits and get their regular clothes back on
3:30 - go to pick up Tyler and his friend from school
3:45 - drop off friend at his house, go straight to gymnastics
4:00 - Bryan has gymnastics, Tyler does his homework there, Kaylee plays, I watch
5:30 - come home from gymnastics, get everyone some dinner
6ish - Dave finally gets home, we chat for a little bit and I eat
6:30 - do voice warm-ups
6:45 - leave for choir practice
9:40 - come home from choir practice (it's not usually this long, but we have our concert next week)
9:50 - sit down to blog...
10:05 - finish blogging, go get pj's on, get a foot massage from Dave, go to bed

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