Friday, November 09, 2007

Random post

So I got some good sleep last night. Felt so much better today! I was at the point yesterday evening where I almost bought tickets for Kaylee, Bryan and I to go to Germany next week. It would have been a pretty good deal, just $565 per person (yes, that is a good deal from here, believe it or not). I was tempted, to say the least... :p

Kaylee has been a booger today. Screaming over every little thing. Right now, she's screaming because, well, I'm not sure. I swear some days I just don't understand the girl.

Tyler had gymnastics today. He's made some huge improvements since starting a couple of months ago. He moved up to level 4 a couple of weeks ago, and keeps complaining that it's hard. I can see him getting better from week to week, though. So I just keep cheering him on. I told him to stick with it just for this school year, and then if he doesn't want to do it anymore, he can be done. I just don't want him to give up because it's hard.

I have a shopping problem. Not for myself, but for my kids. I'm addicted to Gymboree, seriously. It's bad. I can't seem to pass a sale (and if you know Gymboree, you know even their sales are not exactly cheap...).

I just realized I need to go bake some pumpkin squares. Bet getter to work!

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