Friday, November 02, 2007

Ah, that felt good!

I "purged" the closets this week. Well, not exactly closets, but boxes full of baby clothes. First, I went through all the girl stuff. Even though we're having another girl, I decided I had way too many clothes (thanks to my Gymboree addiction...). And I do want to get at least some new outfits for this new baby. :p This evening, I went through all the boy stuff. I had three huge bags full of clothes, sizes newborn to 3T. Since I'm pretty sure we're done having kids after this one, I decided to get rid of everything. I only kept a few little outfits, for sentimental value. Or so I can get rid of them in another 5 years... :p I took the one big bag full of girl clothes to a friend who just had her first baby a week ago, and told her to look through everything, take what she wants, and pass on the rest. The three boy bags went to another friend. As a result, there's lots of empty space under my bed now. And I didn't need to go buy another plastic box for the clothes Kaylee has recently outgrown. Now I want to go through my own closet... :p


Christie said...

Aaah, but doesn't it feel good to give-o-give away? Seems like I'm never happier than when I'm up to my knees in sorting stuff to purge. Whee! You go, girl!

3in3mom said...

YEAH I love cleaning closets and purging. . . I sure wish I knew if we were 'done' so we could really purge too ;)

Doreen said...

Christie, yes, the giving is definitely part of the fun! Babies wear clothes for such a short time that most of the clothes are still in really good shape. It was nice to be able to pass them on to someone I know can use them. :o)

Chalice, that probably means you're not done yet. ;o)

Keith and Nicci said...

Congrats on cleaing out your clothes - I just did that myself!

Austin's asleep in his car seat :).

So, first on childbirth in America.

First off, I must say I am so grateful for doctors. Without them, many women and babies would be hurt or die in pregnancy/childbirth, and many others may not have even conceived in the first place. Yeah for them :). However, a majority of women don't need them to get pregnant, and while I do think it's very wise to have a doctor as backup throughout pregnancy and childbirth in case of emergencies or problems, a majority of women don't need doctors during birthing either. Although I highly doubt most American mothers realize it (and I was one of them myself) and truly think they are doing the best thing by having a doctor deliver their baby, the medical industry, if you will, has turned birth into a scary, unnatural, medically centered event, which many doctors buy into (not all, of course). That's why we had a midwife in the hospital. I think birth can be something women look forward to, and it can be an empowering experience, and it would be for more women if our medical culture would shift its focus to the mother and baby rather than money, time, and convenience.

Having said that, however, I do think it's important for mothers to have options - if they want an epidural or interventions, great. But I do think fewer women would choose that if our medical industry wasn't bombarding us with negative messages.

Austin's awake now, so I'll finish later!