Friday, July 20, 2007

Sleepwalking and TV

Okay, so the two are totally unrelated, but I thought I'd share. :p

Very early this morning, I woke up on the floor in the kids' room, next to Kaylee's mattress. I had no recollection whatsoever of going in there. When Dave woke up this morning, I told him about it, and he said that Kaylee had called for him in the middle of the night, and I got up to go to her. I don't remember doing this at all. Weird.

Tyler asked to watch TV this morning, and I told him he should think of something else to do, since TV makes you dumb. He asked what that meant. I told him that when you watch TV, all you do is stare at the screen and you don't learn anything. He went on to tell me that "Mom, that's the fun part!" The things you learn from your kids...

On an exciting note, we're going home in just a few days! Yay!


scienceteachermommy said...

I'm with Tyler. I like TV. I'm also with you. It really can make you dumb.

Keith and Nicci said...

Hilarious - I love it!