Saturday, May 19, 2007

We made it!

We arrived in Germany safe and sound yesterday. Our flights all went really well, the layover was neither too long nor too short, and our luggage all made it, as well. Even the kids were pretty good for the most part. Everyone slept well last night, though I expect some jetlag to kick in today, which makes for people waking up around 2 in the morning unable to go back to sleep. :p Hopefully that won't be too bad. We're excited to be here, and the kids all are doing great with my parents. :o)


Meems said...

sweet! any tricks or just let them entertain themselves on the plane?

Hanna said...

Doreen! That is so great. I hope you and your family have a relaxing yet exciting vacation!

(I linked from mimi's blog! :p )