Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Another good one...

Found this today. All of Utah's senators are intending to sign this resolution.

Concurrent Resolution Urging Participation By Taiwan In World Health Organization

This is a document prepared by the Utah State Legislation. Two points that make me go "hmmmm...."
lines 44-46 WHEREAS, both the WHO Constitution and the International Covenant of Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights declare that health is an essential element of human rights and that no signatory shall impede on the health rights of others;
lines 65-66 WHEREAS, good health is a basic right for every citizen of the world and access to the highest standard of health information and services is necessary to help guarantee this right;

This is what the State of Utah is hoping to present to President Bush, the WHO, and Taiwan. And then there are some of these Senators, who were part of drafting this resolution, who are at the same time hoping to pass SB 243. SB 243 would violate the very human rights this WHO resolution is proposing Taiwan should adapt. Anyone care to explain to me how all this makes sense? I'm no politician, maybe I'm missing something???

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