Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Does it ever slow down?

Not around here anymore, apparently. We all really enjoyed having my parents here. The kids were really sad when we took Oma and Opa to the airport on Monday morning. Now I'm busy trying to find a reasonable flight for all of us to go to Germany in late Spring/early Summer. Wish me luck... It's also somewhat crazy trying to get back into our normal routine, but we're getting there. :o)

As for business news, New Titles Are Here!!! Click here to take a look! As a special Thank You to all my customers, orders made between now and April 30th are going to be entered in a $20 book drawing. :o) Also, anyone living close by should think about hosting a show. January and February hostess specials are awesome, double free books! Plus an extra $10 just for hosting a show. :o) There, my little plug.

Oh, and did I mention that I've become totally addicted to "Monk"? It's the best show ever, seriously! You all should watch it sometime, it's on USA network. New episodes starting January 19th. And while you're there, stick around for "Psych", very funny! :o)


Veritaserum said...

Monk is very funny. I love that actor. I should set Tivo to record it.

Good luck on finding a good airfare for your visit!

Doreen said...

You should! Record Psych, too, it's hilarious! :o) The plane tickets weren't too bad, all things considered. It just adds up when you have 5 people going... Oh, btw, could you email me the info to access your blog? If you trust me enough, that is. ;o) doreen1999 at yahoo dot com