Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Why are people so grossed out by it? I mean, we all know it's the best food for babies. Strangely enough, when the baby turns 1 year old, many people believe that s/he should be weaned immediately. They feel breastfeeding a toddler is somehow gross or abnormal. Some women even go as far as never breastfeeding at all because they are so grossed out by the thought of it. Of course, there are also people who would agree (with me) that breastmilk is a perfectly good snack for a growing toddler. It still provides the best nutrients, taylored specifically to the growing child, and lots of antibodies. So, I say it's the perfect snack for toddlers. For some reason, though, people think that we should definitely switch to cow's milk. Is it all of a sudden superior to human milk? How is COW's milk not gross? I mean, think about where it comes from. An udder! Like that's somehow less gross than a human breast? Why do people get so grossed out just thinking about tasting human milk? Women even tasting their own milk? It reallydoesn't make sense to me. I'm sure it all goes back to the sexualization of the female breast, and somehow it serving a purpose other than pleasure seems odd/wrong. Hello, nursing is what breasts were made for. :p I'm not against cow's milk or anything, I give it to my kids, I just think it's interesting that many people seem to have such an aversion to human milk. Yet we know it's the best there is, you know, human milk for human babies (and toddlers!). Makes sense to me. :o)


Leia said...

I have NEVER understood that either! Makes me so sad when people get upset over a nursing mother...yet they'll watch a dirty movie or look at a magazine...blech!

I'm so glad my daughter self-weaned and she still talks about nursing and how her baby sister will nurse for a LONG LONG time! :)

Dawn said...

I'm sitting here nursing as I type. :) I think my family (four kids later) are finally understanding the value of nursing for extended periods, especially when Alex is allergic to so much and couldn't get half of the nutrition he needs without me! I'm proud that I'm doing so much for him--I hope it lasts for a long time to come!

Doreen said...

Leia, I bet you're so excited! It's going to be time soon! :o)

Dawn, I think nursing is invaluable when you start dealing with allergic kids. Way to go!