Monday, November 13, 2006


It's been a good day (when you disregard Kaylee's whining...). I got a $66 check from Usborne (my comission), and I also got a new bra. I'm proud to say that I now fit in a 34D. That may still seem huge to some people, but when you're coming down from a 34H, it's a major accomplishment, hehe. :p Oh, and we didn't get 5 inches of snow, like had warned us. Very happy about that, too. :o)


Alissa said...

i'm sulking over here... we just barely weaned Miles. i was a 34D before having any children... I'm now a 32B. Pathetic.

Doreen said...

You're like my friend's mom, she pretty much shrunk down to nothing. Maybe you shouldn't have any more kids, unless you don't mind not having boobs. :p