Thursday, November 02, 2006


Oooohhhh, it was cold outside. Good thing the kids' costumes all were roomy enough to fit winter coats underneath, hehe. Everyone had a great time! The past two years, we went to the student dorms after trick or treating around our own apartment complex, but this year we decided to hit a "real" neighborhood. So after going through our apartment complex, we put Kaylee in the stroller and went for a walk. We went to the neighborhood where we know a lot of people from church, and it was so much fun! The older people were all excited to have some kids come by, and that alone was worth it. The kids ended up with way too much candy (of course), which should last us till Christmas. :p

making a Jack-O-Lantern the day before Halloween

ready to go out

look at all that candy!

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