Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Life just doesn't slow down for us. :p Our highlight of this past week was a camping trip with some friends into the mountains. It was so pretty! The weather was nice and warm during the day. It did get just below freezing at night, but we all wore our winter clothes, so we stayed nice and warm. The kids actually slept really well, which made the trip that much more enjoyable. :p Everyone had lots of fun with campfires, hot chocolate, marshmellows, and tin foil dinners. There was a little creek nearby, which we went to see. There were salmon in it. I had no idea they migrated this far to spawn. It was pretty cool to see some swimming around. :o) I'm not usually one to enjoy camping very much, but I have to say it was a really fun experience. Here's some pictures.

around the campfire

Good Morning!

morning fire (for hot chocolate, yum!)

Fall colors


overlooking a nearby lake


Leia said...

Salmon - YUM! What a beautiful place!! I love your kiddos all bundled up - that's too cute! Sounds like such a fun trip!

Doreen said...

It was really great. :o)

Dawn said...

Looks like chilly fun! Oh, I haven't camped in years, and I miss it!

Melissa said...

Wow, is it beautiful there!!! I miss fall colors so much!

Doreen said...

Dawn, it was pretty cold at night, lol.

Melissa, our neighbors just moved here from FL, and they are very excited about the fall colors and the leaves falling, lol.