Friday, September 08, 2006

What a busy week!

The book party was on Tuesday evening, and it was a huge success. I have all but one order in now, and we're up to $552. I don't expect the last order to be very big, we'll maybe get up to $565 or $570. That's almost twice what I expected to make. With all that we got, I'm going to end up getting $150 worth of books and $30 worth of kid kits for free (only pay s&h). I also get $125 worth of books for half-price, though I got pretty much everything on my list in my free allowance already. If I get everything I want the way I figured it out, I'm going to end up getting $240 worth of stuff for $50 total. I'm very excited it turned out so well. :o)
On a not so good side note, Tyler was sick on Wednesday, and Dave has been sick today. It's a stomach bug. Tyler only threw up once, and was kind of tired for a day, but Dave seems to have it a little worse. Though that could be due to the fact that instead of resting when he started feeling sick, he still went to play basketball and went to school today. So by the time afternoon came around, he wasn't feeling well at all. It's a bummer, because tonight is our neighborhood camp-out, and Dave and the boys were going to sleep outside in the tent. Not happening. Instead, the kids and I enjoyed the campfire and some s'mores, and the boys are sleeping in their little tent in our extra bedroom. I would have slept in my own bed, anyway, so whatever... :p


Leia said...

COOL! What kind of book party? Usborne? I like those.....

Cute that the kids camped inside! So much better than out in the cold! ;)

Doreen said...

Yes, they were Usborne. I love their books! :o)

Yeah, the kids had fun. They're planning on having a "camp-in" again this Friday. :p