Saturday, September 02, 2006

Peaches and ice skating

Well, we sure had an exciting day today. We spent several hours at my friend's parents' house picking peaches and nectarines, and started canning them. We got about 1/3 of the fruit canned, the rest has to ripen just a little bit more. So we have another canning party planned for next Saturday. We got a dozen jars done today, and they look so good! It'll be nice to have freshly canned peaches and nectarines to eat in the winter. :o) I also went to my first ice skating lesson today. It was just a friend of mine, the instructor, and I, so a really small group. I'm pretty sure my legs are going to be sore tomorrow, hehe. It was lots of fun, though. The kids had a great time today, too, and were all pretty exhausted. So everyone's in bed asleep, and it's only 8:30. Love it! Just gotta go do dishes, and then maybe we'll watch a movie tonight (and I can get a good foot massage, hehe). :o)


Dawn said...

My parents used to can a lot of fruits and vegetables when I was little, and one of my favorites was peaches! I'm jealous!

I can only imagine how I'd feel after skating... Between using the muscles differently and falling all the time, I think I'd need a week's bedrest after each trip to the ice!

Leia said...

My legs are always JELLO after a new activity! I bet it was so much fun though!!