Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I survived!

My weekend of sore muscles and canning fruit. Yeah, I was pretty sore from ice skating. I swear you use muscles you never knew you had. Doesn't help that I'm a little out of shape, too. Did I mention I started an exercise routine last week? It's been really fun, and a good reminder of just how much out of shape I am. They have really nice weight machines at the fitness center, so I used one to work my triceps. So besides my legs, my arms were sore, too. I could barely move yesterday, haha. My friend and I did manage to can the rest of the peaches and nectarines, as we didn't think they'd last all the way through Saturday. We got another 1.5 dozen jars filled up. Yum! I also decided to brave preparing a Labor Day bbq. I made potato salad, hamburgers (filled with cream cheese and cheddar, yum!), and peach cobbler. It was excellent! Today we get to have leftovers. I told Dave I wasn't going to cook for the next few days, as I swear I spent ALL DAY yesterday in the kitchen. That's just too much for me. :p It was worth it, though. Today has been a little less busy. Went shopping this morning, and we're having the Usborne book party this evening. That should be fun, I'm excited. :o) So anyway, I'm still alive, so far... Ready for more exercising and ice skating to tone those muscles I never knew existed, hehe.


Leia said...

I've never canned anything but pickles with my great-grandmother....I bet your task smelled much nicer! ;)

Doreen said...

Oh yes, it smelled really good. And the jars look really good, too. Yum! :o)