Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Just a quick note... my blog friends to let you know I'm still alive, hehe. Live has been busy busy busy. Dave had a big paper due on Monday, for a conference he's going to at the end of the month. So he wasn't around much at all last week. In my boredom, I watched Monk (which I love) on Friday night, and decided to stay up to watch Psych, as well. Loved it! It was hilarious! I may have to stay up every Friday night now, haha. The kids have been keeping me busy, too. It never gets boring with three little ones around. Tyler and Bryan started swimming lessons again this week, and love it. :o) Yesterday, we went to the library to get the boys signed up for the last couple of weeks of the summer reading program. I got "Dark Assassin" by Anne Perry, her latest book. I'm already done with it, it was really good. Now I can't wait for her next book to come out. :p Today I made fresh salsa. Someone from the neighborhood dropped off a huge bag of tomatoes for all us "apartment dwellers" a couple of days ago, and they are soooo yummy! They all were really ripe, though, so we had to use them up quickly. So I decided to try making salsa. I think it turned out really good. Mmmmhhhhh. We're having enchiladas for dinner today, and the salsa should be perfect with those. Yum... Did I make your mouth water yet??? Hehe. Well, I gotta run, clean up the kitchen a bit so we can actually have a clean spot to sit down and eat. Did I mention keeping my house clean was not one of my strengths???? :p

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