Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Has it been a week already?

My, how time flies... Dave made it back home safely, and had fun at the conference. Life has been busy. Tyler is liking school so far, so that's good. He seems to be making the switch to all day school just fine, not too tired yet. :p Bryan, Kaylee and I have been busy running errands. It seems like there's always something to do, and they have been troopers tagging along. I went and signed up for ice skating classes for myself. My friend and I are going to go every Saturday for six weeks. It should be fun! I've also started exercising. I got a student spouse card, so I can use the facilities here on campus. They have very nice equipment, and the weight machines all come with info on which muscles they target, and how to use them right. My arms and chest are pretty sore, which is a good sign, haha. I should take a picture of myself right now, and then one in like 3 months. Just to see the difference. :p I'm hoping to lose about 10 pounds, so wish me luck! :o)


Leia said...

Glad he got home OK. I've always wanted to take skating lessons! Too bad I'm always either in school or pregnant! ;) Maybe next year.

Doreen said...

Leia, be patient. I've been waiting for years to do this, lol. It's always been either school or pregnancy for me, too. It's fun to finally have some time to do stuff like that.