Friday, August 18, 2006

Another busy week

The boys had swimming lessons all week, and finished today. They had a really fun time, and are making good progress. Kaylee has been busy learning lots of new words, it's fun to watch her learn how to talk now. :o) I got to go to a cardmaking club on Wednesday, which was lots of fun. I'm not very creative, so this was perfect for me. You are given all the supplies you need, and examples of what the cards should look like. So all you have to do is put everything together. I can do that... :p I'm also planning my first Usborne Books party, I'll be hosting it for my friend. I love love love Usborn books, so I thought I'd make the effort and invite some people for a show. We'll see how that goes...

Here's some pictures of the boys swimming today.



Leia said...

Wow they're doing a great job! We couldn't get Dee to backfloat for her teacher - way to go boys! Do you take them to the public pool to do that?

Doreen said...

No, it's a friend who's been teaching swimming lessons forever (not the one in the picture, she's just a "helper"). So the lessons are semi-private. The classes have about 5-10 students. The boys sure had fun with it! :o)