Friday, June 02, 2006

Time flies...

...when you're having fun! We've been at my parents' house for a week now, I can't believe how fast that has gone by. It's sure been eventful. Our flight here went fairly well. The only 'problem' we had was a 1.5 hour delay at our layover. The layover was 4 hours to begin with, so adding another 1.5 hours was not fun. The kids were starting to go crazy just sitting around waiting at the airport, and needless to say, the parents were, too. The layover was due to a big thunderstorm that lasted quite a while. Lightning struck right next to us, it was so powerful the walkway from the gate to the airplane started rattling and shaking. Yikes. The flight itself was good. Kaylee and Bryan slept through most of it, which was really nice. The food was pretty awful, but thanks to our long layover we had gotten some chick fil-a before leaving, so we weren't too hungry. We made up some time on our flight, too, so we only got in about half an hour late. When we got to my parents' house we had a nice warm dinner waiting for us, which my grandparents had prepared. Yum! The first two nights here were pretty rough. Kaylee screamed for about 3 hours each night, and there was nothing we could do. The third night she was still up for a few hours, but at least she just sat in bed and talked, so we didn't really care. Kaylee had also had a cold when we left, and I think due to the pressure on the airplane, her ears and sinuses must have gotten plugged up. She started getting a low grade fever on Monday, and by Wednesday it was up to 104/105. I took her to the dr on Thursday, and it looks like she has an ear/sinus infection. She's on antibiotics now, so she'll hopefully feel better soon. We're planning on going for a week long trip to the Baltic Sea tomorrow, with the whole family. I'm sure it'll be more fun with everyone healthy and feeling well. :p The boys have gotten used to the time change really quickly, and are loving all the extra attention they're getting here. Tyler is polishing up on his German, and Bryan is slowly catching on, too. They're really enjoying themselves (and all the chocolate they've been getting from a certain set of great-grandparents). :o)

Since coming here, we've been getting some good baby news, too. My best friend of over 20 years had a little baby girl on Monday. She was 4 weeks early, and last I heard she was in an incubator. But then I haven't heard anything since Monday... Send me an email or call or something! ;o) My other friend's daughter, Belen, also finally came home from the hospital last weekend. She had to get a shunt placed to drain spinal fluid after all, but at least she's home now. Last I heard she's doing quite well. :o)

So that's what happens when you neglect your blog for a week. You end up writing a book. :p We're now looking forward to a week at the Baltic Sea, and are hoping for good weather. :o)


QueenMeadow said...

Sounds like a great time! Well, not the ear infection part ;)

Leia said...

I'm glad you arrived OK. I've been thinking about you. Sorry about Kaylee's ears - ouchie! :( ENjoy your trip - we can't wait to see photos!!