Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Fun times!

So we've been here in Germany for almost 3 weeks. I can't believe how fast time goes by. The Baltic Sea was lots of fun. The weather was a bit chilly the first couple of days, but it got really nice and sunny throughout the week. We even braved the 58 degree water the last day there, hehe. Yeah, it was pretty cold. But it was fun once we got all the way in. The kids loved the beach. Kaylee had a blast with all the sand, she couldn't get enough of shovling it this way and that. The boys had fun building sand castles with their dad and uncle, and they loved playing in the water, too. It really was a nice vacation. Now Dave is already back home, and the kids and I are enjoying three more weeks with my family. Tyler's German is getting better every day, and Bryan is starting to say a few German words, too. Kaylee is also finally beginning to speak. She can say Maxi, which is my parents' bird's name. At least it's a word, right? She also loves to look at the horses that are in the field behind my parents' house, and blows raspberries at them. Everyone is loving the extra attention here, including me. :p

Here's a few pictures from the Baltic Sea.

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Leia said...

OMGosh that's so amazing that the kids are picking up the German so fast! How often do you speak it at home?

AWESOME sandcastle!! Who built that? Way cool!

I'm glad you're having fun! It must be so nice to spend that time with your family! :)

Missing you!!!