Friday, June 23, 2006

And so it continues...

...our vacation, that is. Time continues to go quickly. It's hard to believe that two weeks from now we'll be back home. My mom has her last day of work today, and will be home with us during the rest of our time here. We've got a day at a little amusement park nearby planned for next week, and a day at the zoo. Should be fun! :o) This last week we had a little scare when Bryan ran, tripped, and hit his head on the cement. He got a huge goose egg on his head, and part of it even split open. I think we got really lucky that the whole thing didn't split open, that would have required a trip to the dr. for stitches. Fortunately, we were able to stop the bleeding quickly, and now he has a big bruise and a scab. I think the blood must have drained internally, too, as he has a black eye on that side now, too. He looks pretty beat up, but hasn't let that slow him down at all. A few minutes after the fall happened, Tyler came to me and told me that he had tripped Bryan. Well, not really Tyler, but his leg. He told me that his leg wanted to trip Bryan, and he told it not to, but then it did anyway. He felt really bad seeing how badly Bryan was hurt. I was glad he told me the truth, and told him so. I had to smile inwardly at how Tyler blamed his leg, haha. It was cute. I told Tyler to make sure his leg wouldn't ever trip anyone again. :o) Other than that, the kids have been enjoying their time with Oma and Opa. It's always exciting when my parents come home from work. Nobody wants anything to do with me anymore when Oma and Opa are home, and I'm taking advantage of that, hehe. :o) Here are some pictures from this past week.

playing in the water

yum, Nutella is great stuff

Bryan's bruise

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Leia said...

Oh poor Bryan! :( I had to laugh at Tyler too though - what a funny kid! Glad all is going well! Enjoy it!