Saturday, May 20, 2006

Why go get my hair done?

So yesterday, I had a pretty rough day. When Dave finally came home at 5:30 (an hour later than he had said he would be home...), I was so frustrated with everyone that I decided to leave the house for a little while. I needed to get my hair cut anyway, so I thought what better way to relax than have your hair done? Went to the salon, got right in, told the lady just how I wanted my hair. And the girl drove me crazy! She kept cutting just a little bit, even though I told her I wanted it a lot shorter, especially in the back. I swear she showed me like 5 times, and I kept telling her to cut shorter. She'd take off an eighth of an inch (if that...), and show me again, commenting how she thought it looked really cute. Um, no, it didn't. Just chop it off already! So finally, I told her the length was fine, and to just put the layers in. After she was done, I went to the Pita Pit and got a pita. Yum. Finally something that wasn't frustrating... This morning, I cut the rest of my hair myself. It's really just the layers I need help with, anyway. I can adjust the length myself. And that's just what I did. :p

Got another update on Belen this morning, too. She's still at the hospital, it's been just about 3 weeks now. They're increasing the pressure on her extraventricular drain (that drains her spinal fluid) really slowly now. They were doing it too fast before, and so she kept starting to leak again. Now they're going super slow, which will take longer, but seems to be working better. Hopefully they won't have to put in a shunt, and she can come home soon.


Leia said...

Holy cow you're brave!! You cut your own hair?? EEEEK!! Although, I may have done the same thing after an appointment like that! What kind of stylist does that?? What a pain!!!

That's great that they FINALLY figured out what was making Belen's leak happen....duh - aren't they doctors for a reason!!!!!

Alissa said...

How incredibly frustrating! Glad you go to escape tho. I've been feeling that need practically every night, lately.