Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Strawberries, loose teeth, and diarrhea

Ah, what a day it's been. Been crazy busy doing laundry and packing suitcases. Just about finished and ready to go, though! :o) These past few days sure have been exciting around here. Our very first strawberry ripened, and we ate it today. We split it in 3 pieces, hehe (Bryan and Kaylee don't care for fruit all that much). We also found out that Tyler's first two teeth are loose. Okay, so they are barely barely loose, you have to wiggle and look really closely to notice, but they are definitely on their way to being replaced. Tyler is understandably excited. :o) On a not so great note, Kaylee has had a fever since last night, and she's had diarrhea today. I'm just hoping she gets over it quickly. Traveling isn't much fun to begin with, and 24 hours with a cranky, feverish toddler with diarrhea could be really bad. Here's hoping...

Bryan's ready for the trip.

Think we need to bring a bike helmet???

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Leia said...

That's terribly sweet that you all shared that little berry!