Monday, May 22, 2006

New Bra!

Hehe. I got my new nursing bra in the mail today. My others were getting too big (yay!), so I ordered a new one last week. Yes, ordered. I have such a weird size that I have to get mine online, nobody sells them in stores... Anyway, I tried it on, and it fits so nicely! I didn't realize how bad the others were until I tried the new one on. It's a Medela underwire. I love their bras. They are the only ones that really work for me, it seems. And I can follow Medela's measuring instructions, order the size I come up with, and it really fits. So yeah, they're a bit on the spendy side (this one was $30), but it's well worth it. :o)


Leia said...

Oh I LOVE a good bra!! Glad you can at least find one that really fits you!! :)

Melissa said...

I need to find another good nursing bra, but waiting to see what the girls do when my milk comes in! lol I have one that I bought on ebay-I think it's a Medela support one. I've never tried an underwire one before.

Doreen said...

Melissa, underwire can be tricky. I don't wear underwire for the first few months when I nurse, I'm always paranoid about clogged ducts. But after about 6 months or so, when they nurse less, I'm okay with underwires. :o)