Thursday, May 04, 2006

Exciting times!

I went to Kohl's yesterday, and found a pair of pants on clearance for $3.50. They are nice pants, too, brown corderoy (or however you spell that...). With an original $36 price tag, and nothing wrong with them. Yay for bargains. :p When I came home from the store, I found out that Bryan had decided he was done with training wheels on his bike. So Dave took them off, and now Bryan can ride his bike without training wheels. He just turned 3, I can't believe he can already ride a two wheeler. I think Tyler is even more excited about that fact than Bryan. He apparently went crazy cheering on Bryan. :o) Here's a little video clip from this morning.

And just for fun, a short little video of Tyler playing soccer. He's number 4 on the blue team.


Chalice said...

those are super cute clips. . . thanks for sharing. Congrats to Bryan

Leia said...

HOLY CRAP!! That's amazing!! Delphina can't even ride her trike without help yet! You have a little powerhouse on your hands!! TOO COOL! :)

Lori G. said...

Doreen, this is the first time reading your blog...Wow!!! Sarah is just starting to learn to pedal - that's great that Bryan can ride like that!

Dawn said...

That is amazing! Josh doesn't even know where to start with a bike!

You once said you don't have much of a German accent when you speak... Hearing your voice, I hear that it's true! ;)