Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Strawberries, loose teeth, and diarrhea

Ah, what a day it's been. Been crazy busy doing laundry and packing suitcases. Just about finished and ready to go, though! :o) These past few days sure have been exciting around here. Our very first strawberry ripened, and we ate it today. We split it in 3 pieces, hehe (Bryan and Kaylee don't care for fruit all that much). We also found out that Tyler's first two teeth are loose. Okay, so they are barely barely loose, you have to wiggle and look really closely to notice, but they are definitely on their way to being replaced. Tyler is understandably excited. :o) On a not so great note, Kaylee has had a fever since last night, and she's had diarrhea today. I'm just hoping she gets over it quickly. Traveling isn't much fun to begin with, and 24 hours with a cranky, feverish toddler with diarrhea could be really bad. Here's hoping...

Bryan's ready for the trip.

Think we need to bring a bike helmet???

It's packing day!

Yay! Okay, so I hate packing. But it means we're leaving first thing tomorrow morning!

Monday, May 22, 2006

New Bra!

Hehe. I got my new nursing bra in the mail today. My others were getting too big (yay!), so I ordered a new one last week. Yes, ordered. I have such a weird size that I have to get mine online, nobody sells them in stores... Anyway, I tried it on, and it fits so nicely! I didn't realize how bad the others were until I tried the new one on. It's a Medela underwire. I love their bras. They are the only ones that really work for me, it seems. And I can follow Medela's measuring instructions, order the size I come up with, and it really fits. So yeah, they're a bit on the spendy side (this one was $30), but it's well worth it. :o)

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Why go get my hair done?

So yesterday, I had a pretty rough day. When Dave finally came home at 5:30 (an hour later than he had said he would be home...), I was so frustrated with everyone that I decided to leave the house for a little while. I needed to get my hair cut anyway, so I thought what better way to relax than have your hair done? Went to the salon, got right in, told the lady just how I wanted my hair. And the girl drove me crazy! She kept cutting just a little bit, even though I told her I wanted it a lot shorter, especially in the back. I swear she showed me like 5 times, and I kept telling her to cut shorter. She'd take off an eighth of an inch (if that...), and show me again, commenting how she thought it looked really cute. Um, no, it didn't. Just chop it off already! So finally, I told her the length was fine, and to just put the layers in. After she was done, I went to the Pita Pit and got a pita. Yum. Finally something that wasn't frustrating... This morning, I cut the rest of my hair myself. It's really just the layers I need help with, anyway. I can adjust the length myself. And that's just what I did. :p

Got another update on Belen this morning, too. She's still at the hospital, it's been just about 3 weeks now. They're increasing the pressure on her extraventricular drain (that drains her spinal fluid) really slowly now. They were doing it too fast before, and so she kept starting to leak again. Now they're going super slow, which will take longer, but seems to be working better. Hopefully they won't have to put in a shunt, and she can come home soon.

Friday, May 19, 2006


Okay, so I'm trying to get my thoughts and feelings on this down. Dave and I just had a discussion on the topic last night. And a friend sent me an email regarding this topic this morning. Over the past 3 years, my views on routine infant circumcision (RIC) have changed dramatically. When our oldest son was born almost 6 years ago, I didn't think twice about having him circumcised. I did wonder for a little while about why RIC wasn't performed in Germany (where I'm from), but I figured people in the US must know what they're doing. And all my nephews were circumcised, so I just never questioned the practice. All was fine and dandy, and then Bryan came along. Like his brother, he was circ'ed when he was just a day old. After the surgery, the dr. came in and told me that his glans was unusually big, and she had had a hard time fitting the clamp. So his glans was bruised. Meaning half of it looked totally butchered. I felt so bad for the little guy. It took about two months to heal completely, and there were several times where it looked like it was getting infected. Red, inflamed, oozing. That experience led me to question RIC. Why were we doing this to our sons? What was the benefit of having it done? I soon came to the realization that there are no benefits to RIC. It's cosmetic surgery, that's all. It's cutting off a perfectly normal part of a little boy's body. A part, I might add, that has a purpose. That's not just a piece of skin. Quite honestly, I feel that agreeing to have my sons circ'ed was probably the worst mistake I've ever made. I don't dwell on it, as what's done is done, and there's nothing I can do to change it now. I will, however, be an advocate for any future sons we may have. I don't want them to be mutilated, for the sake of "tradition" or "cleanliness".
The Case Against Circumcision explains in more detail why I feel the way I do. :o)

Thursday, May 18, 2006

One more week!

One week from now, we'll be getting ready to board our airplane! Wow, I can't believe how fast the time has come. I had better start thinking about what all I need to bring. And get Tyler and Bryan their own little suitcases. :p

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Good Bye, TagBoard

It kept freezing my blog, and frankly, I was getting tired of the pop-ups. And nobody ever really used it, anyway. So it got booted. :p

Wednesday already?

My, how time flies... Yesterday was crazy busy. I swear I spent all day cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, doing dishes, etc. So today, I'm taking time off housework. :p I am going to make bread, but that's something I love to do anyway, so I don't regard it as housework, hehe.

So, I have to share my success. Since starting my exercise routine and eating better (read portion control) at the end of March, I've lost 6 pounds, yay! I've also lost 1.75" around my waist, 2.75" around my hips, and 1.75" around my bum. Yay for me! :o)

Sunday, May 14, 2006

My cutie girl

Just took this picture of Kaylee sitting on the couch. :o)

Happy Mother's Day!

To all my mommy friends. :o) Hope you all have a wonderful day!

Here's a little poem I wrote a couple of years ago, around Bryan's first birthday. I don't usually write poetry, don't know what came over me that day. :p

A little seed
Planted in my womb
Little arms, little legs
A tiny heart, beating strong
Tiny fingers, tiny toes
Two eyes, a nose, a tiny mouth
Little flutters
Growing into strong kicks
Muscles contracting, over and over
Going strong
A little head
My miracle is born
Warm breaths
On my chest
Two trusting eyes
Looking at me
Overwhelming love
Forever growing.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Busy busy...

This week has been crazy busy. I had to go to the store 4 times because I kept forgetting stuff (WITH my list...). We had a really long choir practice on Tuesday to get ready for the concert, which was yesterday. I'm glad it's over with. It was okay. I'm still debating whether I'm going to sing again in the Fall. It's a women's chorus, and the average age is probably something like 60. And that's with me bringing down the average... :p It's been fun singing this last Fall and Spring, but I feel like I'm kind of done with it. Maybe the summer break will help. Then today, I've been spending all day getting stuff ready for our bbq. Marinating meat, making potato salad, preparing some veggies, cleaning the house... All the while dealing with a whining 3yo and a clingy 1yo. Ah, joy. Now our friends are coming over in about half an hour or so. Things should settle down a bit. At least the weather is really nice (80*), so we can just sit outside and let the kids run around. Yay! :o)

Belen is doing much better, too. They're steadily increasing the pressure on her drain, to see if her ventricles will start draining the spinal fluid on their own. Fingers crossed that they won't have to put in a shunt. Her wound is healing well, too, she got her stitches out. She's sitting up again, and being much more happy and social. I just wish they could come home. Soon... :o)

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Just because you went to med school...

...apparently doesn't mean you should be giving out breastfeeding advice. Seriously, here we are, trying to raise breastfeeding initiation rates, and trying to encourage women to breastfeed their children for at least one year. Yet there are doctors who will spare no effort to encourage formula. A friend of mine has a baby with severe excema. She finally decided to try eliminating dairy from her diet, and has had great success. Excema is still there, but not nearly as bad as it used to be. No more need for band-aids to cover up the open sores. So she took the baby to the pediatrician for his 6 month check-up. Mentioned how she thought the baby was sensitive to dairy, and could she get a referral to see an allergist. Ped told her sure. Then went on to recommend switching the baby to hypoallergenic formula. Um, hello??????? So my friend said she could just eliminate dairy from her diet, and continue bf'ing. "Um, sure, you can do that, too." DUH. Then the visit to the allergist. She mentions how she thinks her son is allergic to milk. The dr. looks at her like "what are you doing giving him milk?" She says he gets dairy through her breastmilk. The allergist goes on to tell her that the whole dairy sensitivity through breastmilk is anecdotal. Yeah, right. Whatever. Dork. The allergy test revealed that the baby is indeed allergic to milk. And sensitive to soy, too. Dr. goes on to tell my friend not to introduce milk for at least 6 more months (duh), but she could try giving soy milk in a couple of months. Um, hello, the baby will only be 8 months old by then. Why would he need soy milk? What about just continuing bf'ing, my friend says. "Sure, I guess you could do that, too." Seriously, what's wrong with people? Now I'm not surprised about the comments I've heard from moms whose peds would tell them their child was allergic to breastmilk. And the child ended up on hypoallergenic formula. No, it's not the breastmilk children are allergic to. Probably just something in the mom's diet (like wheat, dairy, eggs, nuts.... all common allergens). But then I guess maybe reports of babies being sensitive to mom's diet are just anecdotal... @@

Monday, May 08, 2006

Back at the hospital

Belen started leaking spinal fluid out of her wound. My friend had had that suspicion all along, but was told off by the resident on Saturday. Belen had a little soft "puffy" spot on the back of her head, and the resident said it was just blood. Well, it was spinal fluid after all, and it started leaking out last night. Even when they got to the hospital, the resident still wouldn't believe them. Until fluid started leaking on HIM. What a dork. Makes me so mad. Now they have to wait for cultures, and hope she doesn't have an infection. They may have to put in a shunt, too. What a mess. It makes me so mad that they wouldn't listen to my friend. She had voiced the concern several times, and they just blew her off. Just because she hasn't been to medical school doesn't mean she doesn't know what she's talking about. And obviously, she's been right more than once about issues her daughter was having. But they just treat her like the freaked out mom. Irritating, to say the least. I just hope little Belen didn't get an infection. That would be awful. :o(

Probiotics are awesome!

So, pretty much ever since we've started Kaylee on solids, she's been having problems with recurring yeast diaper rashes. Occasionally, they would get so bad they were oozing, and she'd get little scabs on her bum. I tried linking it to food sensitivites, but couldn't pinpoint any specific foods this may have been related to. Over the past month, it's gotten to the point where she pretty much just had a constant rash on her bum. She had at least 4 or 5 poopy diapers every day, and they were kind of watery, almost like diarrhea. A week ago, I decided to start her on a FOS/acidophilus supplement. And wow, it's done wonders! Her rash has pretty much cleared up, she only poops once or twice a day now (which is normal). She no longer has watery/diarrhea like poops, either. They are more normal now. Yay! A couple of days ago, I was telling my friend about this, and she asked whether Kaylee had ever been on an antibiotic. Well, she hasn't, but I was on antibiotics when I was in labor with her. So now I'm thinking it probably messed up her gut flora, and that's why she had all these problems with her poops and yeast rashes. Probiotics work by restoring a healthy gut flora, and encouraging the good bacteria to grow (that help fight the yeast). Seems to have worked for Kaylee. :o)

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Party weekend...

We've survived. Yesterday, we had a community pizza party at 5:30 p.m. Papa John's pizza, spinach alfredo, yum. So of course I had some. And some carrot cake. At 6:30 p.m., Dave's professor had a party for his students (there were only about 15 in the class). Navajo tacos, yum again. So I had one, and had some fruit, too. I was stuffed by the time I got home. :p Today, our neighbor had a graduation bbq, to which we were invited. Once again, way more food than one should be allowed to eat. I guess I'll be starting over with my weight loss now...

Little Belen came home today, too. She looks really good. I think she even recognized me when I talked to her. She starting smiling at me, and reaching for my face. Awwww... Made my heart melt. :o) She's such a sweetie.

Now Dave is out playing Risk with the guys. I should watch a girl movie...

Friday, May 05, 2006


My friend and her little daughter are likely coming home. Belen was cleared by the neurosurgeons, and is recovering well. She had some problems with her potassium levels, but it sounds like things are back to normal now. They ended up not decannulating after all, because they didn't want to put too much stress on her. Hopefully she can recover during the next few weeks, and then pass her sleep study on June 1st. If all goes well, she'll get the trach out then. Making progress! :o)

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Exciting times!

I went to Kohl's yesterday, and found a pair of pants on clearance for $3.50. They are nice pants, too, brown corderoy (or however you spell that...). With an original $36 price tag, and nothing wrong with them. Yay for bargains. :p When I came home from the store, I found out that Bryan had decided he was done with training wheels on his bike. So Dave took them off, and now Bryan can ride his bike without training wheels. He just turned 3, I can't believe he can already ride a two wheeler. I think Tyler is even more excited about that fact than Bryan. He apparently went crazy cheering on Bryan. :o) Here's a little video clip from this morning.

And just for fun, a short little video of Tyler playing soccer. He's number 4 on the blue team.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Congratulations Dawn!

You're visitor number 1,000! :D Have a cookie (dairy free). :p

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Yesterday was a good day. Belen had her surgery, and everything went really well. She didn't even need a blood transfusion, which is great. While she was "out", they also checked her airways. The ENT determined that there's really no reason for her to have the trach anymore, so she may actually get it out this week! That would be absolutely wonderful. :o)

We also went and got a digital piano yesterday! I'm so excited! I don't play very well, but I'm determined to learn. Tyler's excited, too, he wants to take piano lessons so bad. We may have him start this Fall. Getting the piano forced us to rearrange our living room, which was quite the job. Took a few hours to get it all figured out, and I told Dave we're not doing any more rearranging until we have to move in a couple of years. :p