Friday, April 21, 2006

Where oh where has my memory gone???

I usually make a shopping list before I go to the store. Well, today I wanted to get just 5 things, so I figured I wouldn't need a list. Dropped Tyler off at school, then went to the store. Bought my 3 things and went on my way. Now, an hour after getting home, I remembered 2 more things I wanted to buy but didn't. I had totally forgotten! So sad... Maybe I should start doing more crossword puzzles or something, to get my memory back up to speed. :p

Here's a couple of pictures of Kaylee today, just thought they were cute.

Give me the camera, mom!!!

Pretty please???


Leia said...

LOVE those tiny piggie tails!!! How sweet! And she matches her pants too - so coordinated! ;)

Doreen said...

That's Gymboree for ya, hehe. It's all a matching set, pants, shirt, and hair curlies. I couldn't resist when I saw it.