Sunday, April 16, 2006

Random Ramblings

  • I planted flowers in my flower box yesterday.
  • I also planted two strawberry plants in my other flower box.
  • A dead wasp came back to life in our garbage can.
  • Kaylee has the special talent of waking up for some nursies right when I sit down to do something (like write in my blog right now...).
  • The dishwasher is running for the second time today, and there are still a few dishes out on the table that didn't fit.
  • I can type and nurse Kaylee at the same time. :p
  • I'm going to go sit in my big chair now, and hopefully get a foot massage. :o)


Dawn said...

I understand, Doreen, about the dishes. I could honestly do 2-3 loads of dishes each day. That's ok though, because it still doesn't compare to the amount of laundry I could do every day!

Doreen said...

Ah, but see, I love doing laundry! LOL Don't you know I cloth diaper just for the extra load it adds every week? ;o) Hehe, I tend to put off doing dishes, so when I finally get around to them, there's too many to fit in the dishwasher... :o|

Leia said...

I love that you can multitask! I could never nurse and do ANYTHING else! Does it get easier by #3???

Doreen said...

Leia, I'd say it definitely gets easier. With Tyler, when he was nursing, that's all I could do. With Bryan, I got a lot more comfortable, and started nursing in public more, too. With Kaylee, it's all been a breeze. She can nurse in all kinds of positions, lol. :P