Friday, April 14, 2006

Kaylee's first haircut

Yes, I did it. I cut Kaylee's hair today, for the first time. It was getting so long that it was constantly getting in her eyes, and it drove me crazy. It also was quite long on the sides, but short in the back. So it really just always looked messy. The only way to make it look nice was to put pigtails in her hair, but I didn't want to do that too often because her hair is so fine. Today, I decided the boys needed haircuts, and while I was at it, I decided to give Kaylee a trim, too. Of course, she turned her head this way and that, and it was a challenge to get her to sit still long enough to give a halfway decent cut. But I think it turned out nicely overall. At least it's more even now, not long in some places and short in others. And her hair isn't in her eyes anymore. I'm hoping it's still long enough on the top to put pigtails in, we'll see. I'm hoping I won't have to cut it again for a few more months, though. She's just too wiggly. Boys are easier that way, you just take the buzzer and buzz everything the same length. Now that they're older, they get "real" haircuts, with the sides shorter than the top and all, but they're also old enough to sit still. :p

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Leia said...

*GASP*!!! Do we have a before/after photo?