Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I love my Mei Tai!

Recently, I added a Mei Tai to my sling collection. And I love it! I can put Kaylee in the front carry at church, when she's tired and needs a nap. It helps her settle down and sleep, and it's comfortable for me, too. I can also carry her on my back with it, which I LOVE! It makes shopping so much easier. Kaylee hates to sit in the shopping carts, she always tries to stand up in them (which is not safe...). If I let her out, she goes crazy running around and emptying off shelves... So I put her on my back, which she loves, and everyone is happy. In fact, yesterday she fell asleep while I was doing my grocery shopping. Makes going out and getting things done so much easier! :o) The other thing I love about the sling is that it folds up really small and fits nicely into the diaper bag. Yay! Oh, and let's not forget about trying to get dinner made with a toddler hanging on your leg. Kaylee has a special talent for wanting to be held as soon as mom goes into the kitchen. With her on my back, I can get dinner made without having to try and entertain a screaming toddler the whole time... :p

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Leia said...

Oh that's really cute! LOVE the pink! Is it satin-like material? Very pretty. I can't wait to try a sling!