Saturday, March 11, 2006

What a fun day!

Gosh, I never have time to blog anymore... Anyway, today was a good day. I went to get my hair cut this morning, and the girl actually did a really good job. I don't usually like my hair when I first have it cut, and always have to adjust it when I get home. But today it turned out really nice. Yay! Then I went to Kohl's and found a cute skirt and shirt for Sunday. It seems like I've been wearing the same outfits to church on Sundays for years, so I figured it was time for something new. I usually have a hard time finding something, but today I got lucky. The skirt is even reversible, so it's two skirts in one. :o) Then we went for dinner at Dave's friend's house. The family is from Argentina, so it was really interesting to try and communicate. Dave's Spanish was a bit rusty, and their English wasn't the greatest, and, well, I don't know any Spanish, really... So yeah, it was interesting. But we had lots of fun nonetheless, and I've decided to look into a way I can learn Spanish. I've always wanted to, and I guess now I have a really good excuse. :o)

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Leia said...

LOL!! We don't have many issues around here with communication barriers - but we always have trouble on vacation. Sometimes you have to just sit back and giggle! :)