Thursday, March 23, 2006

What a day!

Well, we certainly had a busy day today. Took Bryan and Kaylee for some shopping, then made Bryan's cake in the afternoon. My second adventure in cake decorating (Kaylee's was the first last week). It was quite the challenge, since he wanted a Thomas the Tank Engine cake. But I did it. :o) We also enjoyed some nice Spring weather today, and Bryan managed to fall into a mud puddle. His whole left side was covered in mud. Yay for washers is all I will say to that... :p Then Dave wanted to take Tyler and Kaylee to the toystore to pick out some presents for Bryan. Bryan wanted to come along, of course. They still had the gifts wrapped at the store, so he could have some presents to open after we had the cake. Silly boy. While Dave and the kids were at the store, I decorated the cake. It was an adventure for sure. I'm just glad we don't have any more birthdays for the next three months. :o) When everyone got back from the store, we went to "Make-up Donalds", per Bryan's (and Tyler's) wishes. On the way there, Bryan fell asleep in the car, and spent the first half hour at McD's taking a nap. We were eventually able to wake him up, and he ate some dinner and played in the little playland they have. After we got back home, we had the cake and Bryan got to open his presents (surprise surprise, haha). Now the boys are in bed, fast asleep, while Kaylee just got back up for some more milk (she's on my lap nursing). What a fun and busy day! :o) Here are a couple of pictures of the cakes I made for Kaylee's and Bryan's birthday.

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