Saturday, March 18, 2006

Ice skating!

So I took Tyler on a "date" today. He's been dying to go ice skating ever since we watched the Olympics figure skating. I finally got around to taking him today, and it was tons of fun. There weren't too many people, so we didn't have to be too careful about bumping into someone (or getting bumped...). They also had these little walkers that he could just hold on to, which was really nice. It was hilarious to watch him! He kept trying to just walk on the ice, which doesn't work too well. Towards the end he finally kind of figured out how to slide, though when he tried to let go of the walker he went all over the place. He definitely isn't a "natural", but he had fun. And that's the important part. :o) He wants to go again so badly, so we may have to look into getting some kind of pass. It's not exactly cheap to go. But they're open year-round, so with a pass we could really get our money's worth. We'll have to see.


Chalice said...

sounds fun! Ethan wants to go so bad. What age did they recommend? He is pretty good at roller skating so I figure he might be good at ice too. . .

glad you had some good fun!!!

Yes Doreen, we're pregnant, Due in October. So I guess that means no ice skating for me :)

Doreen said...

Yay Chalice!!! I'm so excited for you! :o) Who would have thought??? Congratulations!

As for ice skating, the walkers they have could be used by a smaller child, too. I've thought about taking Bryan, but it does take quite a bit of coordination and strength, so I may wait a bit. It may be more difficult than roller skating, because they have to balance more. I don't know, you could always call the ice rink and see what they recommend. :o)