Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Fun fun!

Went out with some girlfriends for lunch today. Olive Garden, yum. I had seafood alfredo, and they have a new melted cheese dip that was delicious. But then it would be, seeing as it was melted cheese and all. :p Afterwards I had the pleasure of going to the dentist (again...), to get a really old filling taken out. It's being replaced with a crown, so for now I have a lovely temporary crown on my tooth. Yay, I get to be really careful about what I eat for the next two weeks (lest it falls out...). Then I went shopping and got some awesome deals. Smith's is having a huge sale for buying canned goods by the case. Can't beat $0.29 for a can of green beans. I love shopping like that, I spent $66 and the receipt said I saved $79. Yay! Now all I have to do is put Kaylee in bed, do the dishes, and then I can hopefully sit back and relax for a while until Dave gets back from playing b-ball. :o)

ETA: So I have to write some more about the shopping fun today. After I got home from lunch and then the dentist, Kaylee was ready for her mommy and some milk. Dave had to go run an errand anyway, so I told him to just stop by the store and pick up stuff so I could nurse Kaylee and maybe get her to nap. I made him a list of all the things he should get, and specifically told him to get everything by the case, as that was the only way you would get them so cheap. Two hours later he returns, with a few grocery bags with random things in them. He told me he couldn't find any cases of anything at the store, and he even walked up and down the aisles forever. So I asked him why he even bought stuff at all, since we didn't really NEED the food right today, but were rather buying it for storage. He thought I would be mad if he didn't get anything. @@ Yeah, I was made because he bought random stuff NOT on sale... So then I had to just leave the house for a little bit, and decided to go back to the store. I walk in the front entrance, and sure enough, there CASES and CASES of food RIGHT THERE!!! I literally walked in the store, filled up my shopping cart, paid, and went back home. All was said and done in less than half an hour. I even checked the aisles, and there were boxes stocked up in almost every aisle with big old orange tags all over them. How did he not see them??? MEN....

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Men drive me nuts!