Monday, March 13, 2006

Exciting news!

My friend took her daughter down to the Children's Hospital today, for her routine check-up, and it looks as though the little girl may be decannulated by the end of the summer (meaning have her trach tube removed)! This is wonderful news! It's the trach that makes her medically fragile right now, and makes her very prone to respiratory infections (which can be quite severe). So getting rid of it would be a major step for her. She's such a sweet little girl, I love going over and playing with her. She's just recently started laughing (out loud with her speaking valve on), and it's so fun to watch her and listen to her. I can't stop smiling. :o)

UPDATE: My friend took the baby to the ENT today (Wednesday), and it looks as though the trach may actually come out by the end of Spring! Woohoo!!!!!

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Leia said...

YEAH!!!! That's wonderful news!! :)