Thursday, March 23, 2006

Bryan is 3!

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Bryan was born on a beautiful, warm Spring day. It was Sunday morning, 6 o'clock, when I got up and knew it would be Bryan's birthday. I took a shower, we all ate some breakfast, and at 7:30 a.m. we dropped off Tyler at our friends' house. Then we went to the hospital. I was only 2cm dilated when we got there, so we decided to go walking for a while. I think we walked around outside for almost 2 hours. The sun was out, and it was so nice and warm, and quiet (which is quite unusual for Boston...). By the time we got back to the hospital, I was 3-4cm, and they admitted me. Our nurse, Robin, was wonderful. We got settled in, and soon the dr came in to see me. Unfortunately, she was the one who I had liked least (there were 5 OB's sharing an office). She proceeded to tell me she needed to break my water, which I resisted (since I had had such a bad experience with Tyler). She insisted, and that's when I decided I REALLY didn't like her... Fortunately, my body didn't go into quite the shock that it had gone into when I had my water broken with Tyler. I labored for another hour or so, then started getting uncomfortable and asked for the epidural. After that was put in, we had a scary moment. My blood pressure plummeted, and I was about to pass out. They called the anesthesiologist back into my room, but by the time he got there, I had stabilized (thanks to having my bed lowered so my head was lower than my feet...). After a while, Bryan's heartrate started showing decels, so I had to roll onto my side. That helped, and while the decels were still there, they weren't as scary. Lying on my side made the epidural numb me unevenly, so one leg was numb and tingly while I had full feeling in the other leg. Very strange sensation. A few more hours passed, and I started to feel lots of pressure. I was at full dilation, and started to push. Since the epidural was such a low dose, I could actually feel the urge to push, which was nice. After only a few pushes, Bryan was born, and life was good. Robin was wonderful, and took lots of pictures for us. I escaped with just a couple of minor tears, which was nice. Made recovery much easier than the episiotomy I had had with Tyler. Bryan was born with a nuchal cord, which explains the decels he had. He looked a bit blue, but soon perked up, and started nursing like a champ. Overall, a very easy birth, and a good exprience (except for a couple of tense/scary moments). Bryan joined our family at 5:20 p.m., on March 23rd, 2003.

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