Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Um, hello????

Tyler usually gets a ride home from school with his friend's mom. One day a week, she delivers papers right when she drops him off, and he likes to go help. Today, he came running up the stairs, brought in our paper, then ran back out to help. 5 minutes later he comes running back in, stands by the door and yells "I gotta goooooooo ------ too late." And he just stands there peeing his pants, and letting out a big sigh at the end. Um, hello???? You're 5.5, you've been potty trained for 2.5 years, and you've never had an accident!!! I asked him if he needed to go when he first came in, and he said yes. How about just going to the bathroom and then going back out to help? Oy. It was actually kind of funny, and I just had this moment of total disbelief when I saw him peeing his pants. Crazy kid. He just took off his clothes and got some new pants, like it wasn't a big deal. Not that it really was a big deal, but what the heck... :o

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