Wednesday, February 01, 2006

So I got my first birthday package today

Dave's mom sent me a cell phone. Woohoo! We've been way too cheap to get a cell phone so far, especially since our phone and internet access are included in rent (and we hardly ever use long distance). But it'll be so nice to have! Maybe now we can actually call family more often, haha. It's really nice timing, too, since Dave will be gone at a conference in CO over the weekend. So we'll actually be able to stay in touch. :o) Gotta love birthdays! :p


Chalice said...

yup, gotta love birthdays. Mine was so fun. I hope you have a great day (four days early :)) You'll have to email me you #---if you have Verison then it's free for both of us.

Leia said...

That's great news!! Any fun plans for the weekend?