Friday, February 24, 2006

Skype rocks!

So I updated to the latest Skype version today, and it has a video option. Got out my webcam, hooked it up, and it worked! So cool! I talked to my parents for about an hour, it was so fun. There's even an option to make the video full screen, and it worked quite nicely. Picture's a little fuzzy around the edges, but overall great quality. No delay between picture and voice, either. Woohoo! It was like I was sitting right there in the living room with them (well, almost). Kids loved it, too. Now they get to "see" their grandparents more often, yay! :o)

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Leia said...

That's really cool Doreen! We'd love to get a web cam - just so Ryan can see his little princess while he's at work all day! :)