Sunday, February 12, 2006

Life is so fragile

Dave's mom called today and told us that a family friend's little boy passed away. Him and his dad were in the backyard, and the dad put a ladder against the house to go fix the roof. He went inside to get his tools, and while he was gone (probably just a minute or two), the little boy pulled on the ladder and it fell over on top of him. He was killed. It's so devastating. I don't know how old the boy was, but I imagine he was still fairly little. It's so humbling. I had kind of a hard week last week, with Dave gone for a few days, then Dave having meetings, etc. etc. etc. It really started to wear me out, and the kids really got to me a few times. But hearing stories like this, especially when they happen to friends, really puts things in perspective. Sure, the kids may drive me crazy sometimes, but really I should be thankful for that. Because them driving me crazy means that they're alive and well. I can't even begin to imagine how difficult it would be to lose a child. It was so humbling last Fall when my friend's baby stopped breathing and nearly died, and now hearing of this accident taking a little boy's life. It makes me realize how fragile life is, and it makes me so thankful for every day that I can spend time with my children. I have to admit I do lose my patience sometimes, it can be so hard having three little ones at home. But the joy they bring is immeasurable, and I couldn't bear the thought of not having that in my life. I love them so dearly, all three of them. Sometimes people say that having more than one or two children would not be fair to the kids, as you couldn't possibly love all of them equally. That's not true. Love is not divided between children, it's multiplied. With each child, your love for them grows. It was really kind of a strange feeling when we added Bryan to our family. I always wondered whether I could love him as much as I love Tyler. It's the most amazing feeling to find out that you can. Not only do I love him just as much, but I love both of them more. The same thing happened when Kaylee was born. Even before she was born. It's amazing how much women can bond with their babies long before they are born. And I know that it doesn't matter whether it's the first child or the 10th. You decide to have a baby, and you love them the minute you find out they're on the way. And the love just keeps on growing. :o) Sadly, I imagine so does the heartache when tragedy strikes. :o( I hope this family will find peace, my thoughts sure are with them.

ETA: Just found out that the little boy was only about 10 months old. That's exactly Kaylee's age. It makes me sick to my stomach. What a horrible horrible tragedy. :o(

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Leia said...

That is just awful news. How horrible. How would you live with that guilt???

I'll keep them in my thoughts. How terribly sad. :(