Friday, February 03, 2006

How I survived today...

...I really don't know. Dropped off Dave this morning, took Tyler and his friend to school, came home. So far so good, right? Well, I tried putting Kaylee down for a nap, and she would have nothing to do with it. Tried again half an hour later, and no luck. So I gave up. At around noon, I tried again, and she went down. For a whooping 25 minutes... Tyler went outside to play, Kaylee screamed for a while (I tried laying down with her, didn't work), and we finally got out of bed. Later on, I decided to take Bryan and Kaylee outside, for my own sanity's sake. Tyler was at his friend's house. The friend's mom came out, and we chatted for a while, and she invited Bryan, Kaylee and I over for a little bit. So we played for an hour, and then went back home. By this time, it was 4 p.m., and Kaylee still wouldn't go for a nap. Then at 4:15, another friend dropped off her three kids (I volunteered to babysit last minute). She came back at 5:45, we chatted for an hour, and then the boys had cereal for dinner, Kaylee had carrots, and I had peas and calamari. At 7:30, I got everyone ready for bed, and Kaylee was fighting so hard, she did not want to go down. I finally got her to settle down for a good nursing, and she went to sleep around 8:15. Right when I came out of the bedroom, Dave called me to let me know he had gotten to CO safely. So we talked for half an hour, I got in my pj's, and Kaylee woke up again. Fortunately, she only nursed for 5 minutes and went back to sleep. So then I spent an hour cleaning up the apartment. Whew... I just hope we all get a good night's rest... It makes for such a long day when Kaylee doesn't nap well!!!

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