Thursday, February 02, 2006

Got my second package today

From my mom. :o) Yummy chocolate, mmhhhmmmmhhhhhmmmmm. I love birthdays. This year it's gonna just be me and the kids. Dave is going for a conference from Friday till Tuesday. Maybe I'll take the kids out for dinner on Saturday (then again, maybe not...). Hopefully they'll be nice to me and not fight or go crazy or anything. :p

As for sad news, my friend's little girl (the one with the tracheostomy, I wrote about it in October) got admitted to the hospital this morning. She has pneumonia. That can be quite serious for trach babies. :o( I think they're still debating whether she should be transferred to the Children's Hospital down in SLC. She was doing so well, too. I hope she comes through it okay, and they don't have to be gone too long.

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Chalice said...

Always hard when Daddy is away. Hope you're able to enjoy it anyway, hugs to your friend.

Love, Chalice