Monday, January 02, 2006

We survived!

The holidays... What a busy time! It was lots of fun, though. On the 21st, we left town right after Tyler's school got out. We drove for a few hours, spent the night at a motel, and then drove a few more hours to get to AZ. It was so nice to get to spend a week in 75 degrees sunny weather! Everyone loved it. :o) The boys had a blast playing with their cousins, and I enjoyed some quality time going shopping with my wonderful sisters-in-law and Dave's mom. Can't beat going to the store for some good deals the day after Christmas. :p I actually was able to get quite a few clothes, and can finally throw out some of my old stuff. Feels good to have some new things. :o) Christmas was good, too. I got a wheat grinder and a Bosch. Who would have thought I'd ever be so excited about those things? You know you've arrived when getting kitchen appliances makes your day... :p We also got to visit with my good friend Chalice, who babysat Tyler a lot while I was still going to ASU a few years ago. It's been so nice to be able to keep in touch with her. Love ya Chalice! :o) We went to the Phoenix Zoo together, which the kids loved. Our biggest news, though, is that Kaylee started walking while we were in AZ, at the ripe old age of 9 months. She still prefers to hold on to a finger most of the time, but will let go and walk short distances all the time now. She's getting better each day, and she'll probably be up and running with the boys here in another month or so. She's so cute when she walks, too. She'll let go, take a couple of steps, stop to catch her balance, then walk a few more steps before her legs get tired and she sits down. Sometimes she gets overly excited and starts going faster than her legs will take her, and topples right over. Then she just sits there and laughs. Too cute. :o) On Friday, we made the long drive home, all in one day. It took us 13 hours, but we made it safe and sound without too many problems. Probably helped that we had a DVD player in the car so the kids could watch a few movies. :p New Year's Eve was spent mostly cleaning, going shopping, and doing laundry. The highlight of the day was getting a $75 winter jacket for Tyler for only $20. Gotta love Kohl's! Okay, so really, the best part of our day was going over to our friends' for a couple of hours to play games and hang out. The kids had fun playing together, and some of us adults played the game "SET". It was so much fun, I may have to go out and get one. It's a card game with different shapes, colors, etc., and you have to follow specific rules to find out which three cards make a set. Fun, though your head kind of starts spinning after a while. :p
So, here we are, 2006, and now we're slowly getting back into our normal routine. Tyler starts up school again today, and I'm planning on making some bread. Gotta try out my new Bosch, hehe. Should make breadmaking a much easier process.

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