Thursday, January 26, 2006

Reflections of a sleep-deprived mom

  • one sick child is not so bad
  • two sick children can be dealt with
  • three sick children will test your limits
  • rotavirus will give your baby tummy aches so bad she screams all night
  • rotavirus will give your toddler tummy aches so bad he screams all day
  • rotavirus will also give your children a cough, and the baby a runny nose
  • when your kids are over the illness, they'll still keep waking up at night wanting this and that and the other
  • your baby will revert to being up every couple of hours, even after having slept through the night, or only waking once, for a few weeks
  • your baby will also expect the milk bar to be open all night
  • your newly-established daytime routine will die more quickly than you ever thought possible
  • babies seem to have a sixth sense when it comes to their mom wanting to actually exercise - they'll change their routine to make it practically impossible for said mom to have time for herself...
  • being woken up from a really deep sleep can be physically painful
  • sleep deprivation sucks...

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