Friday, January 27, 2006

Maybe I should go back to blond hair...

...though hopefully the past couple of days I've just had a bad case of mommy brain... :p Yesterday, I went out to buy a microphone that would plug into my MP3 player, so I could use it as a voice recorder. Come to find out my MP3 player has a built-in voice recorder. Yeah, that little hole on the side IS the microphone, not the place you plug one in. DUH. Then today, I got the kids all in the car to take Tyler to school. I proceeded to clear the car of the snow, then got in and put it in reverse. The car starts rolling back out of the parking spot, and I'm wondering why it's so difficult to steer. And why isn't anything happening when I push the gas pedal??? Turns out I had forgotten to actually turn on the car. DUH. So after I drop off Tyler at school, I decide to go to the store. I go on my merry way, filling my shopping cart, happy that a lot of the organic and natural stuff I like to buy is on sale (since I can't always afford it when it's not), and go to check out. Only to find out I had left my credit card on my desk at home. DUH. So I went home to get the card and back to the store to pick up my stuff. Now I'm afraid to leave my house for fear of what I might do next... :p

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Reflections of a sleep-deprived mom

  • one sick child is not so bad
  • two sick children can be dealt with
  • three sick children will test your limits
  • rotavirus will give your baby tummy aches so bad she screams all night
  • rotavirus will give your toddler tummy aches so bad he screams all day
  • rotavirus will also give your children a cough, and the baby a runny nose
  • when your kids are over the illness, they'll still keep waking up at night wanting this and that and the other
  • your baby will revert to being up every couple of hours, even after having slept through the night, or only waking once, for a few weeks
  • your baby will also expect the milk bar to be open all night
  • your newly-established daytime routine will die more quickly than you ever thought possible
  • babies seem to have a sixth sense when it comes to their mom wanting to actually exercise - they'll change their routine to make it practically impossible for said mom to have time for herself...
  • being woken up from a really deep sleep can be physically painful
  • sleep deprivation sucks...

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

One step closer to insanity

That's the kind of day I had. Kaylee started with a fever yesterday afternoon. It finally broke late this morning, she was miserable. Which, of course, meant that I had to hold her all morning and she didn't want to nap. Bryan decided he needed to sit on his potty all morning so he could wait for his poop to come out. Not such a bad idea, except that it still hadn't come by 11:40 and I had to take Tyler to school. So we had a big meltdown when I put a diaper on him just in case he decided to go in the car (which he didn't, but better safe than sorry). It also snowed a ton all morning, so by the time we had to leave for school, I had to dig the car out. So I was running late, having to dig the car out, having a cranky screaming baby, and a toddler who didn't want to leave his potty. Yeah, not fun. After we dropped off Tyler and Kaylee's fever broke, things got a bit better. Bryan finally went in his potty, and was so excited. Kaylee became less clingy, and life was good. For half an hour or so, then I had to go to the dentist. I hadn't been in quite a long time, because I was either pregnant, breastfeeding too frequently to leave the house for more than an hour, or I didn't have money to pay for dental work. Long story short, I have three very big cavities that need fixing. If I'm really lucky they won't need a root canal, but I'm looking at the possibility of needing one on all of them. Yikes. Then there's another tooth with a really old filling that's cracking. It's gonna need to be replaced by a crown. Hi tax return, bye tax return... Oh well, it did feel nice to have my teeth cleaned, and the dentist was very nice and friendly. Helped ease my anxiety for sure... So yeah, that was my day, finished up by a couple of meltdowns from Bryan, who is now going to bed. Yippeee!!!!! Gotta go put Kaylee down, and then I'm going to do my 2-mile walk, and take a shower. At least my day should end on a good note, right? That way I'll be happy when I wake up in the morning (hopefully!). :o)

Monday, January 16, 2006

News news news

I finally categorized my favorite links. Should make it much easier to navigate. :o) Also, after the first week of potty training, Bryan now is beginning to go to his potty independently, and this morning we even had our first success with a BM. Woohoo! Who thought poop could be so exciting... :p I'm still amazed at how quickly he learned how to use the potty. I guess there's something to be said for waiting until your child is ready. (insert thumbs up here...)

Friday, January 13, 2006

Mommy, my toilet's coming out! something we hear quite frequently now. Bryan is doing great with potty training. I just tell him once an hour that it's time to go potty, and he goes all by himself - making sure to announce that "mom, my toilet's coming out!" :o)

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Potty training day 2

Bryan has gone pee in his potty 5 times today (so far). The last three times were "pee on command", where I just put him on his potty and told him to pee, and he did! That step took Tyler a whole week to learn when he potty trained. I'm trying hard to contain my excitement! :o)

Monday, January 09, 2006

I made it!

...through the first day of my "more organized" life. It went pretty well, I think. I got lots done, anyway. Spent 10 minutes on my desk (my biggest "hotspot"), babysteps... Read books with Tyler, started Bryan on potty training (since he picked out a potty video at the library), baked bread, went shopping, helped Tyler with homework, cleaned the bathroom sinks, moved a bookshelf, and I even got some exercise and my shower in the evening. Woohoo! I feel quite accomplished, without feeling like all I did was chores today. We'll see how tomorrow goes.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Oh, exciting news...

My mom called earlier today and said that she found a condo for us at the Baltic Sea! We're all going to Germany to visit my family at the end of May, and the first week of June we wanted to go to the Baltic Sea (my favorite place for vacations when I was growing up). So it looks like we're going up from June 3rd - June 10th. I'm so excited! It's a pretty big condo, so all of us can stay in one place (my brother and his girlfriend are possibly coming, too). It's really nice, too, with two bathrooms, a big kitchen, dishwasher, w/d, and a backyard. Now I'm even more excited for the end of May to come. :o)

I have CHAOS...

...(Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome), and I've finally decided to fight it. Seeing as some of my friends and family members seemed to really like FlyLady, I took the plunge and joined last night. It seems like ever since Kaylee has joined our family, I've been behind on everything related to housework. I'm not the most organized person to begin with, and that third kid just did me in. More often than not, our apartment looks like a tornado just went through, and I usually feel overwhelmed just thinking about cleaning. Just about all of our evenings and Saturdays are spent doing chores, so NOT fun... So I've decided to finally tackle the problem and give FlyLady a shot. My first step is to start exercising and take a shower in the evenings instead of mornings. Kaylee is so not consistent in the mornings (wakes up anywhere between 5:30 and 7:00 to nurse, then up for the day by 7:30ish), but her evening is pretty routine. I usually lay down with her between 7:45 and 8:00, and she's out between 8:15 and 8:30. So after I put her down, I start my exercise (probably one of my workout tapes, "Walk Away The Pounds" is one of my favorites). After my workout, I will take a shower, and then it's off to bed between 9:30 and 10:00. That way, all I have to do in the morning is wash my face and fix my hair. Should make mornings a lot less stressful, seeing as right now I don't usually get a shower until Kaylee goes for her morning nap around 10 or so. I'm really looking forward to this change of pace, and to getting a plan for keeping my house picked up by just doing little things here and there. I'm hoping this will allow us to get some of our Saturdays back, too, so we can actually go do fun stuff as a family... :o)

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Christmas no more...

So we got all of our Christmas stuff put away yesterday. I think it's the earliest we've ever managed to put everything away. In fact, one year, I realized one day that hey, it's time to get out the Easter stuff. And that's when I put the Christmas stuff back in storage... Bryan was a little sad to take down the tree, but it was good timing. Since Kaylee started walking and getting ever more adventurous, the lights on the tree were her favorite destination. :p

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

There's much truth to this

Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help them to become what they're capable of being.

-Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

I just read this in an email sent to me. I'm still thinking about it, but it really struck a cord with me. So many times, we only see the faults in people, and we treat them accordingly. It results in contention and hard feelings. What if we showed more love, more forgiveness? What if we were less judgemental? I know I often struggle with this. If I feel offended, I can carry a grudge for a long time. I'm not a big believer in New Year's Resolutions, but I think my next goal to work on is being less judgemental and more forgiving. Trying to better understand where people are coming from. Being more open to differences in opinion, rather than only seeing my own way. Being more loving. I think that many times, we get what we give. The infamous "Golden Rule" comes to mind. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." I know I talk to Tyler and Bryan about this all the time. But do I follow it myself? Do I treat people in a way that helps them become better? Do I treat people in a way that helps ME become a better person? I guess all I can do is keep trying...

Monday, January 02, 2006

Some pictures of Kaylee

Here she is, ready, set, go. :o)

We survived!

The holidays... What a busy time! It was lots of fun, though. On the 21st, we left town right after Tyler's school got out. We drove for a few hours, spent the night at a motel, and then drove a few more hours to get to AZ. It was so nice to get to spend a week in 75 degrees sunny weather! Everyone loved it. :o) The boys had a blast playing with their cousins, and I enjoyed some quality time going shopping with my wonderful sisters-in-law and Dave's mom. Can't beat going to the store for some good deals the day after Christmas. :p I actually was able to get quite a few clothes, and can finally throw out some of my old stuff. Feels good to have some new things. :o) Christmas was good, too. I got a wheat grinder and a Bosch. Who would have thought I'd ever be so excited about those things? You know you've arrived when getting kitchen appliances makes your day... :p We also got to visit with my good friend Chalice, who babysat Tyler a lot while I was still going to ASU a few years ago. It's been so nice to be able to keep in touch with her. Love ya Chalice! :o) We went to the Phoenix Zoo together, which the kids loved. Our biggest news, though, is that Kaylee started walking while we were in AZ, at the ripe old age of 9 months. She still prefers to hold on to a finger most of the time, but will let go and walk short distances all the time now. She's getting better each day, and she'll probably be up and running with the boys here in another month or so. She's so cute when she walks, too. She'll let go, take a couple of steps, stop to catch her balance, then walk a few more steps before her legs get tired and she sits down. Sometimes she gets overly excited and starts going faster than her legs will take her, and topples right over. Then she just sits there and laughs. Too cute. :o) On Friday, we made the long drive home, all in one day. It took us 13 hours, but we made it safe and sound without too many problems. Probably helped that we had a DVD player in the car so the kids could watch a few movies. :p New Year's Eve was spent mostly cleaning, going shopping, and doing laundry. The highlight of the day was getting a $75 winter jacket for Tyler for only $20. Gotta love Kohl's! Okay, so really, the best part of our day was going over to our friends' for a couple of hours to play games and hang out. The kids had fun playing together, and some of us adults played the game "SET". It was so much fun, I may have to go out and get one. It's a card game with different shapes, colors, etc., and you have to follow specific rules to find out which three cards make a set. Fun, though your head kind of starts spinning after a while. :p
So, here we are, 2006, and now we're slowly getting back into our normal routine. Tyler starts up school again today, and I'm planning on making some bread. Gotta try out my new Bosch, hehe. Should make breadmaking a much easier process.