Tuesday, November 08, 2005

It's Test Day!

Well, the day for Dave's re-take has finally come. He took his PhD quals back in March, a week after Kaylee was born. He passed two of the exams, but failed one. So today is the day he's re-taking the one he failed in March. If he passes, we'll have about 2 years of school left (give or take a semester). If he fails again, we're likely going to be done here. The test starts in an hour. I hope he does well.

ETA: Dave just called me. The first thing they told him when he went to take the exam was "Do you have a graphing calculator? You can't use that." So, they gave him some other calculator that he didn't even know how to turn on. :o What's up with that??? Shouldn't they tell people that kind of thing ahead of time? I know Dave would have prepared differently for the exam had he known he wasn't allowed to use his graphing calculator. He would have probably also found a different calculator and learned how to do certain calculations on it. As it was, he had to figure that out on top of trying to take the test... Frustrating. Needless to say, the next couple of days (or however long it takes them to grade the test) will be nervewrecking...

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