Wednesday, October 12, 2005

UGH, why make plans????

So, the one day I'm actually planning on getting things done in the morning... We're pretty much completely out of groceries. So Tyler only had an hour of Kindergarten this morning, and I thought, good, I'll pick him up at 11:00, and we can all go to the store. Well, I try putting Kaylee for a nap at 10:00, and she will only sleep in my arms while I'm rocking her. Every time I try to put her down, she wakes right up. So at 10:30, she's done with her nap. I put her on the floor to play with Bryan, and run out to hang the diapers on the clothesline. Get back in, have 10 more minutes before I have to go pick up Tyler. So I'm thinking, good, I'll nurse Kaylee, and off we go. Well, wouldn't you know it, instead of nursing, she decides to scream at me. So we go pick up Tyler, and instead of going to the store, I have to deal with a screaming baby. AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! Seriously, the one morning I actually make plans to do something.... Speaking of screaming baby, we're having another meltdown...

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