Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Good news for once!

My friend's husband called last night. The latest news is that they found out the baby has a fistula in her brain. What that means is that there is a connection between the artery and the vein. This doesn't usually require treatment, but since the baby has already come so close to death, they will likely do surgery. Apparently, the fistula is at a place in the brain that they can easily get to, and it sounds like the surgery would be pretty easy and safe (for brain surgery, I suppose). The baby is also out of immediate danger at this point, so it sounds like things are looking up a bit. The doctors are meeting today to discuss further treatment, so hopefully we'll get some more good news later today. I wish I could be down at the hospital with my friend. I can't even begin to imagine the emotional rollercoaster she must have been on since this all started Sunday afternoon. Her husband told me she had gotten probably an hour of sleep since all this started. I hope that she was able to get some more rest last night, after seeing that the baby is coming around and there is something that the doctors can do to help. How scary it must be to see your baby hooked up to life support, to know the baby had to be resucitated several times. My worst nightmare. :o(

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